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Suction Catheter

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*PVC Suction Catheter

Suction Catheters are designed to remove the phlegm in the endotracheal and a secretion in the coelom plus the soft rounded distal provides the best protection for the sensitive tissue.

The tube sizes are produced as universal standard allows and made with various sizes for accurate treatment. This product is sterilized by ethylene oxide and disposable after single use only.


*Latex Suction Catheter

The Nelaton Catheter has tremendous elasticity and power of restitution, which is designed for both the patient’s and the operator’s convenience.

The Latex Suction Catheter is used to get rid of phlegm and harmful foreign substances in the patient’s gullet. There are two kinds, a valve one and a non-valve one. It is also in a produced one hole type and a two hole type for the suction hole and it is designed to protect the body from damage because the ends are smooth throughout smoothing ends, various catheters have been added for more convenience and security.