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IV Flow Control Set

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I.V Flow Control set which has been designed for the purpose of precisely infusing most common I.V solution is the safest, easiest and the most accurate flow regulator which meets today's need. Unlike other products which routinely administration infusion solutions regardless of rate, this product has a reliable control set which is to be used where accurate and predictable delivery of solutions is required. This product is also designed to provide reliable security and dependable infusion performance in order to eliminate repetitious monitoring by hospital users. This simple and secure control set is able to avoid accident setting caused by undependable rollers and clamps. Installation of administration is 80cm high from the heart of the patient and mean temperature is suitable from 19°C 22°C. To administer the most accurate solution, installation and adjustments can be performed in seconds without the need for special training.

The ergonomical design provides a side flow range of 5 to 250ml/hr in multiple increment along a 320 degree turn. The dialing is fast, dependable and labor saving. I.V Flow Control Set are packages as a single use disposable unit sterilized by ethylene oxide. You are recommended not to use if protective caps are loose or package is removed. It is not designed for use with pressure infusion device and blood. This control sets are calibrated with scales: Solutions from 0 % to 10%.